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Chiropractic Care

At Rise Family Chiropractic, we believe that health comes from within. Our nervous system based approach allows our practice members to get to the root of their concerns and get the results they’ve been looking for.

Navigating physical, chemical and emotional stressors throughout our lifetime can take a toll on how the body is functioning. We want to help our practice members live their best lives. No matter what you’ve gone through, we’re confident that we can find a way to help you get to a better version of you!

At Rise Family Chiropractic, we acknowledge that we live our lives through our nervous systems. Chiropractic care is designed to optimize the function of this system. It all begins with the brain-body connection. This unique, neurological approach sets us apart from other practices. Our approach is about meeting you where you’re at, understanding what you’ve been through, holding space for the possibility of change, growth, and healing, and using our best clinical knowledge to take the best care of you.

Our Adjustment Approach

One of our favourite things about chiropractic is that there are many different approaches! Our doctors have been trained in over 15 unique techniques. This means that we have the tools to confidently serve you and your family in a way that you are comfortable with that will produce great results.

A few examples of our techniques include more “traditional” adjusting by hand, using the drop tables as well as different instruments to make sure the adjustment meets the needs of the body we’re working on. Just as important as our adjusting techniques is our detailed tonal analysis system that tells us what and where to adjust. Rest assured that each adjustment is tailored to the individual; especially when it comes to adjusting children and babies!

We understand that each body has different needs and we are excited to be able to meet you where you are at with a toolbox that is full and resourceful.

Proactive Care Plans

Anything you want to achieve in life takes a plan to make it happen! We provide each of our practice members a customized plan to help achieve the health goals they are after. You’ll never hear us say “come back when it hurts.” We want to help you build health from within- not just focusing on pain, but more importantly, focusing on how you’re functioning overall! Call us if you are ready to make a change in your life!
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