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About Rise Family Chiropractic

You may want to know a little bit of our doctor’s story. We think it’s pretty cool, so here you go!

Dr. Daryn and Dr. Claire met in chiropractic college in California and grew into the understanding that they were destined to do something big – together as humans and together as chiropractors. They both fell in love with the human body, the potential of chiropractic to change lives, and then each other!

Meet the Doctors

Both on promising career paths, they reached the conclusion that chiropractic was their calling that could no longer be ignored. They left their careers and instead pursued becoming Doctors of Chiropractic. While in school, they were introduced to all different kinds of chiropractic care – did you know there are over 200 unique chiropractic techniques?! As they learned more about health and the body, they both realized that the foundation for health that people build as kids influences their futures as adults. With this understanding, they began pursuing additional training and education so they could offer the absolute best in care for perinatal and pediatric populations. They have completed a 200+ hour training from the top pediatric chiropractic association in the world: The International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA).

Serving Families Is Our Passion

Helping families navigate life from preconception through the final years of life is what we were born to do.
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